The Tokenization Platform

Announcing the release of the Fungible Platform Beta!

Design your own baskets, or select tokens to trade. Construct the next generation of basket products that combine crypto & fiat currencies, equities, or ETFs. Welcome to the world of REAL security tokens!

The mission is to tokenize all assets, worldwide. The initial goal is to tokenize crypto & fiat currency baskets in compliant formats: tokens, CFDs, indices, etc.

Fungible Platform

Fungible combines the best in traditional finance – transparent and secure custody, asset audits, NAV calculations with the best in cryptocurrencies – decentralization, censorship resistance, fractionalization, 24/7 availability. This allows us to create a worldwide market for tokenized financial assets.


Assets are held in custody where the value is verified and audited daily.


Liquidity is provided by the Primary Market, and connections to the existing pricing networks for the underlying assets.

Price Integrity

Primary Market liquidity coupled with the real-time creation/redemption process guarantees price integrity and viability of the crypto-asset peg.


Asset-backed crypto tokens are redeemable in real-time for the underlying asset at the pegged price.